Morevisas Customer Reviews can Make you Understand Thailand Visa Features

Morevisas Customer Reviews:

If you are planning to move to Thailand, As you all know, if you obtained the immigrant visa, then you don’t have any kind of tension about an extension, when it comes to the non-immigrant visa there is some limited time to stay in that place here, you may face the problems like, in case if you want to extend the staying period.

You need not have worry about this because Thailand offers a variety of visas if you are still in the confusion that how to extend the duration of visa, then you can able login to the morevisas customer reviews to understand the process.

Different type of visa to extend the stay in Thailand : Morevisas Customer Reviews

If you would like to stay in Thailand for a few more days, it offers so many types of visa that are generally available for the residents and visitors.

  • Tourist visas

This type of visa is granted by the Thai consulates overseas, which is authentic for the about 60-90 days. Ensure that you are allowed to apply for more than one tourist visa simultaneously and these types of multiple visas can be used successively. Most of the apparent resident visitors to Thailand can live for one year using a tourist visa.

  • Transit visas

This kind of visa is granted to the individual who is arriving without a visa to Thailand. These are valid up to 14 days. Citizens from the countries like Russia do not need to have a visa, you know, the Thailand government provides a 3-month entry stamp when they arrived. Similarly, based on the less morevisas Customer complaints, these countries also provide the same rights to the people of Thai citizens in their countries.

  • Non-immigrant visas

These types of visas are granted by a consulate outside the Thailand, and this visa has the validity up to 90 days to stay in that country. Ensure this; this visa can be extended up to 1 year within Thailand.

Investment Visa type IB, this can be obtained by the candidate who invests some money in Thai Baht or in some projects licensed by the Board of Investment.

According to morevisas customer reviews, the Retirement visa type O, it is acquired by the aliens who were planning to stay in Thailand as a retiree. Any of the alien over the age of 50 years can legally acquire the retirement visa. The only need except age is, the candidate should have some amount in the bank and he must have a permanent residence. You the O type visa are based on aliens here with another non-resident status like Type B.

  • Resident visas

This type of visa is granted occasionally and it is difficult to acquire. Based on the less morevisas consumer complaints ensure that the resident visa is supplied on a particular quota basis. When it comes to the qualification needs it involves candidate should be strong in the financial status, writing and reading Thai and must have a good influential reference from Thai.

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